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Get-NetAdapter PowerShell Scripted Input

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Just hanging out on Facebook today and I noticed this post.

Honestly this isn't the the first time I've seen this exact question. Powershell scripting in Splunk is little weird and while there are docs

I felt it wasn't enough to leave this requester with a link and move on. He needed a "template" to solve his problem. Additionally I was working with Splunk support to get the scripted inputs on Splunk_TA_windows to include MAC address.

The document above asks users to modify system/local which can be very confusing for beginners who want an "app". I dug around on Splunk base and all I could find is my old Wireless service app. Might meet his needs, but doesn't answer the scripted input question.

Anyhow so I hammered this out a quick TA. I also uploaded to Splunkbase but it's just so simple they might reject it.

  script = Get-NetAdapter | Write-Output  
  schedule = */5 * * * *  
  disabled = 0

Anyhow, for simple PowerShell scripted inputs I hope that app helps.

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