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Splunk : Adding static images or logos to dashboards

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome back! In this post we are going to demonstrate how to add static images or logos to your dashboards. This is pretty easy to do we just have to make a few additions from the command line and then update our dashboards. Files must be of either .jpeg or .png

Say I have an image called plane.png that looks like:

And we want to add that just above the title of the dashboard, in this example KC Fun:

So first we need to get the image into the right location, so in the SPLUNK_HOME/etc/yourapp/appserver/static create a new folder called images and add the image to that location.

Once that is completed go to your dashboard and edit the HTML code adn add this piece of code just before the title line:

Like this:

Refresh the dashboard and your image should appear like this

If it doesn't, you may need to restart splunk or refresh the static code by bumping the server. To do this so go to: https://<yourservername>:8000/en-US/_bump and click bump then go refresh your dashboard. Thanks for reading hope this helps you add images to your dashboards. Have a great day!!

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