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Daniel's Day 1 at Splunk Conf 2019

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Not exactly an educational blog but more personal here.

The Venue The Venetian is gorgeous. Plenty of food, entertainment and everything is 10 minute walk from your hotel room. Place might be cost prohibitive to some organizations but with MGM and TI (Treasure Island) just across the way I think there is something for all budgets.

My only complaint was being stopped no less than 9 times walking to my room by sales people. Many of them disguised as "customer service'... that seems like a dirty tactic to me. But I guess it's normal for Vegas.

Check In I arrived 90 minutes early for check in. Traditionally Conf check-in's are nightmarish. And this one started out this way. The line looped all the way to the mall and around various halls. Honestly? Took 22 minutes. For a conf check in that is solid. The guy next to me said his took 30. So really that is about as good as a conf check in gets.

The Class So I am taking the Working with Metrics class with Delia Chassaing. We've been metrics users since 7.0 and my company is even presenting on this subject at the Conf so you would think there isn’t much to learn but not so! So many little details and new features in the UI I was completely unaware of. - Logs to metrics sourcetypes in the UI - metric_name to dim conversions - and much better understanding of use cases companies have After getting about 2/3rd through he class I started playing with metricbeat and collectd two popular metrics tools and the data was searchable in less than 10 minutes in Splunk. I can't believe how easy that was. I could have lost DAYS on that before this class. Material was awesome. Instructor was on it. The classroom had room to spare. I mean - if I had to complain I guess they forgot pens at the start of class. But seriously, Perfect class.

Over all outstanding first day. OH! One more thing - THESE TARTS!! OMG ... I almost killed myself eating them. SOO good

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