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Splunk - Quick tip - Removing the black Splunk navigation bar

Hello everyone! Welcome back from the recent holiday, hopefully it was great for everyone! Todays post will be about removing the branded Splunk, black navigation bar in XML and HTML dashboards. I found this necessary when limiting things users can do for specific Roles or when re-branding Splunk for Partners. Sometimes certain users only need certain access to certain things, say they only need access to a specific dashboard and nothing else. I created a new app for these users so I can completely customize the app navigation menu removing all options like, the search bar, the reports dropdown menu, the alerts dropdown menu, and the dashboards dropdown menu. Hiding the Splunk navigation menu is pretty simple. I had the app I wanted to limit access too, for demo purposes I called it Specific Users Only and added a dashboard named the same to it.

Then I clicked "Edit on the dashboard and went to the Source XML and added the line <hideSplunkBar="true"> in the dashboard declaration

Then I clicked "Save" and BAM! All gone!

Also, as a note. IF you want to do this in HTML it can be added in the SPLUNK LAYOUT section, like this:

It worked nicely for me, hopefully it helps you if you need to do this as well. Have a great day!!

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